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Common Questions

    Why should I pick Iron Harbor?

  • We believe you will have a more professional experience with us.
  • We try to be on the Leading Edge, not the Bleeding Edge.
  • We'll get you a great rate with low costs, but we won't compromise service.

2)   How will I notice that the experience is more professional?


  • You will really notice the expertise difference on the phone with us.  We ask thorough, detailed questions so that we can identify as many of the unique elements to your file at the very beginning and avoid surprises at the end.
  • Our quotes are really different also.  They provide a complete picture of multiple rates that are available and their corresponding payments, closing costs and estimated cash to close.
  • Once you apply, our initial loan packet requires minimal effort on your part and has additional explanations where applicable, so that the forms make sense.
  • The communications that you, your real estate agent and the title company receive from us during the loan process are all designed to insure a smooth process towards closing.
  • You will receive a copy of your Closing Disclosure at least 3 days prior to closing with an analysis of the costs at closing compared to your lock confirmation.  Also, at least 1 day prior to closing you will receive a copy your complete lender closing documents, sorted so that the key documents are in the front of the pdf.  Finally, we provide you with a description of the key documents, so that you can go to closing with a better understanding of what you are signing.

3)     How do you provide better rates at lower costs than a large bank when you are a mortgage broker?

  • We receive wholesale loan pricing and have a lower cost structure than a typical large bank. 
  • On the vast majority of our loans, our customers select a rate where the lender pays a credit that covers not only our origination costs, but also most and many times all of your closing costs.
  • The best test is to compare the lender fees (Section A of the Loan Estimate) PLUS the Lender Credit (in Section J of the Loan Estimate)  for any of the rates that we quote to your bank's fees.
4)      Can the terms of the original loan with Iron Harbor change? 

  • On your initial Loan Estimate and then on your Closing Disclosure, your loan terms will be clearly spelled out.
  • At closing you will sign a Note. This is your loan agreement and this agreement cannot change.
  • Also, we do not offer loans with pre-payment penalties.  You can make principal reductions or payoff your loan in full at any time without penalty.
5)    If you are in Austin, where do we sign final paper work? 

  • Closing documents are sent via email to the local title company.
  • Typically the seller selects the title company for the closing.
  • Even if you selected a local mortgage company, the loan documents would be emailed to the closing.  

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